Johnson & Johnson

Women's Leadership Initiative

This campaign comprised of Web Development services. We developed and launched a new website & repurposed 3 seasons of interviews.

The story

About the Campaign

Johnson & Johnson has long championed women's empowerment. In 2021, the Women’s Leadership and Inclusion employee resource group launched WLI ELEVATE, an external speaker series featuring notable figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Mary J. Blige. The objective is to create an inclusive environment where female voices and experiences are not just welcomed, but treasured and celebrated.

The Problem

Johnson & Johnson faced the challenge of repurposing their existing internal series into a cohesive and engaging brand, WLI ELEVATE. With 3 seasons of interviews featuring both celebrity and internal guests, they needed a way to showcase these women's value to an external audience. The goal was to create a website and social media presence that would captivate and inspire their audience while promoting inclusivity and empowerment for women.

The Solution

  • We developed a website to showcase the speaker series and provide information about sponsors and past interviews.
  • We conducted research on the target audience to ensure that the website & social media content resonated.
  • We collaborated with the client to develop a content strategy that would highlight the key messages of WLI ELEVATE and showcase the insights and experiences of the speakers.

The work

The data

Results from the Johnson & Johnson Campaign

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Our Services

How We Helped Johnson & Johnson

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